“I found Hypnotherapy to be very relaxing and I always left the session with a smile on my face.   I would definitely recommend Sandra as after only a few sessions I felt like a new person.   Thank you for changing my life, I could not have done it without you.”   JT

“Having Hypnotherapy with Sandra gave me the confidence and belief in myself that I could reach the goal I wanted.  I have now lost over 4 stone and the goal has been surpassed.”    DB

“I went to Sandra as I had a phobia of spiders which was affecting me quite badly, I had put up with it for years, but as I had recently had a baby I didn’t want him to see his Mum being afraid and grow up with the same phobia.  Sandra explained at the first session how hypnotherapy works and was very reassuring. Even before I had completed all the sessions with her I was able to catch a spider in a glass and remove it calmly from the house, which previously I would have found impossible.  Thanks Sandra!” HB

“I really appreciate the time and effort that was put in to get me back on the ‘ straight and narrow’.”   LB

“Having suffered a bad period of depression, which was completely out of character, I was recommended hypnotherapy.  This therapy really helped me return to thinking in a positive way and I felt able to return to my ‘ normal ‘ self. The CD provided was very beneficial particularly before sleeping and seemed to register in my brain even if I fell asleep before it ended.  I would recommend hypnotherapy with Sandra without hesitation.”   MB

“I was first referred to Sandra by my GP after being diagnosed with stress and anxiety. I was initially sceptical of all complimentary therapies and believed hypnotherapy to be stage tricks.”

“Over the course of my treatment with Sandra, I became able to understand where my anxieties came from and why I held onto my stress and I believe this was the key to finally being able to let go of both. I am now returned to the relaxed person I used to be and I am armed with the tools to not only identify when my stress level rises, but to keep me from ever visiting THAT place again. I now firmly believe that hypnotherapy can be a lifelong resolution, and not simply a quick fix.”

“In addition, during my session Sandra showed me how the power of the sub-conscious mind was able to help me visualise my way to achieve anything I choose. I have since taken part in 5 triathlons this year something I never thought possible. Now I simply SEE the finish in my mind and set off. The middle bit is easy.

I am now 100% an Ex-sceptic! Clinical Hypnotherapy works, and Sandra has not only given me my life back, but she’s added a turbo button!”   PH

“When I first decided to seek Sandra’s assistance I had no concept of what hypnotherapy would entail.  I was at a very low ebb in my life and felt desperate enough, to try anything to stop myself from having a nervous breakdown and doing something rash. My self- esteem was very low and I was severely depressed.

I found Sandra’s manner to be very calm and relaxed and started to feel much better from the first session.  She very quickly assessed what was causing my depression and the therapy helped to the extent that I was able to stop medication for depression/anxiety.  I have subsequently gone ahead in leaps and bounds and am able to put into practice what she taught me, especially positive thinking and not dwelling on the past (or anticipating situations that may arise in the future).

I really appreciate the time and effort that was put in to get me back on the ‘straight and narrow”.   LB