After suffering with anxiety for nearly 2 years and trying several things to help, including CBT and even relying on medication (with no success in previous therapies), I finally looked into hypnotherapy and found Sandra.

With Sandra’s help and amazing skills it wasn’t long before I started to feel a change  and can honestly say I feel like a new women after my sessions. Gone are the days of feeling anxious and now I live in the moment with a much more positive outlook on life. This has allowed me to move on with my life and be the person I want to be, which felt out of reach for so long.

Thank you Sandra for helping me!

Life changing

I went to Sandra with what is known as white coat syndrome, which was just getting out of hand, and knowing I had an operation coming up, I didn’t know what to do, so visited Sandra. Sandra makes you feel at ease straight away and has help me with more than just the white coat syndrome. I wish I had known about hypnotherapy a long time before! If one part of you is thinking about going, please go, it’s a life changer!
It’s magic – from not being able to sit in a waiting room, and now sitting in a dentist chair allowing them to do a root canal! I can’t say thank you enough


I never thought I’d be free of any of the ‘issues’ that I’ve had for years stuck in mind numbing therapy that never worked … until Sandra.

This lady is amazing, not only is she one of the nicest, positive, relaxed people I’ve ever met she’s an absolute angel and a pure saviour. In the time I have been seeing Sandra I am more confident, more relaxed, have gone from a job I hated back into a job I adore and have truly realised that my life has so many positives when I thought it was full of darkness, Sandra has bought the light back into my life.

If everyone could see Sandra the world would have so much more positive powerful vibes, please if you are struggling with anything in your life and want to be free of it, get rid of your darkness and see Sandra, not only does she get you on the right path she keeps you there.

Best ever!

Hypnotherapy has transformed my life

Churchill Hypnotherapy has transformed my life! Sandra is an amazing therapist and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough?

I have tried various therapies over the years, however Sandra’s hypnotherapy is the only one that has had such a lasting, positive impact on my life. I only wish I had done this sooner.

It has improved my mental health; my thoughts are more positive ?; I am coping with life events better (I never thought I would be so calm during such a stressful, uncertain time); managing chronic pain; and moving on from grief and past trauma ?.

I had been in survival mode for so many years and within a few weeks of hypnotherapy, I am living again. Sandra has literally saved my life and I can not thank her enough ?

Our sessions have since gone virtual due to social distancing, however don’t let this put you off. Online hypnotherapy is just as effective as in person and I’m continuing to get better each week despite the pandemic. I am so grateful to still be able to have regular sessions to help keep my mental health on track ?

Sandra really is a fairy godmother ?‍♀️ and works her magic through solution biased hypnotherapy. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. She is the loveliest, warmest person who makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. Hypnotherapy will transform your mindset for good.Hyp

How Hypnotherapy helped my depression

“Having suffered a bad period of depression, which was completely out of character, I was recommended hypnotherapy.  This therapy really helped me return to thinking in a positive way and I felt able to return to my ‘ normal ‘ self. The CD provided was very beneficial particularly before sleeping and seemed to register in my brain even if I fell asleep before it ended.  I would recommend hypnotherapy with Sandra without hesitation.”   MB